You can learn a lot about a company in their welcome letter… please feel free to read ours:

Dear _________,

We are very glad to have you onboard as a member of this team. Cheers to an adventure together, a journey into the woods and a challenge of survival where the climate can be brutal, the competition can be fierce and the resources can be scarce. If we listen to the “big trees”, the ones that have grown tall, thrived almost a century in these conditions, we will find that they too started on the ground.

It’s time to plant our seeds, surround ourselves with others that will challenge us to be better, serve people to the best of our ability and celebrate the victories of our “pack”. Let’s embrace getting our hands dirty, learning things we’ve never done before and have fun as we make this trek into the wilderness. Over time our seeds will sprout and begin to grow. This will allow us to see things from a vantage point, to discover paths we cannot see today, and to bring our “pack” to the springs and waterfalls that will nourish our families, friends and community.

We look forward to working alongside each other.

The Team

Loba Creative

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