All Star Auto Lights, headquartered in Orlando, offers the highest quality OEM, Aftermarket, and Remanufactured Lights. They are a trusted distributor with a strong devotion of 12 years of service in the headlight industry. Now located in 7 different states, they providing nationwide customers with the best product and service.

When All Star came to us, they were looking for a brand refresh via website redesign, photography, videography, email marketing, social media, and updated collateral. Keep reading to learn about how we accomplished this task.


One of the key objectives of the All Star’s website makeover was to simplify the original framework. With an existing site consisting of redundant pages of content and an unfriendly user experience, we brought our expertise to the table and honed in on an easy-to-navigate website. Our focus was to highlight the three most-likely subjects that their audience would be landing on the site for: Products offered, what makes them different, and finding one of their 7 locations.


Commercials for All Star Auto Lights

Why Pay More? 1:28

It’s simple.

The Quick Route 3:20

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

For the Worker :58

We are here through the blood and the sweat, through the rise and the grind.

Customer Loyalty


In efforts to develop a more engaging relationship with All Star's customers, we helped them come up with a customer rewards program. Customers would receive a scratch-off card with every 5th aftermarket light order they placed. Each card was a winner of a promotional item ranging from Yeti Tumblers, to leather wallets.

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